Elusive Creativity – Oh, Where Art Thou?

Ten years ago, I could sit down and whip out a craft, write a clever paragraph, decorate a room.  Today – hum.  Creativity apparently has taken a little vacation.  I got a watercolor paint set for my birthday.  Three weeks before that, I could envision just what colors I would use and exactly what I would start painting.  Today – nada – nothing.  My eyes just look at all the supplies, my hands are idle on the table, and my mind is totally shut down.  Deep breathing, quiet, meditation, music all used to inspire me.  Today – nothing.  I want to think it is just the day.  I want to believe tomorrow will be a day full of inspiration and creativity.

You know there is quite a void when you blog about what you do not know what to blog about.  I think I will put in a call to the creativity fairies and ask them to sprinkle a little magic dust around me.  Think that will help?  Maybe, for the past couple of days, I just have had nothing to say.  I find that to be quite boring.  Darn!  This is really aggravating.  If anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to share.  I would appreciate it.

In the meantime, I guess I will just keep asking, elusive creativity, oh, where art thou???



3 thoughts on “Elusive Creativity – Oh, Where Art Thou?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Grab your watercolors and sit down at straight up noon. Grab the green colors only. Don’t envision a house or a boat or anything. Dip your brush in the fluid color and paint your emotions. You have to get it out to make room for the creativity. The canvas will simply store your sadness, anger and boredom until you are ready to deal with it again. After that I promise some creativity will flow.

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