Dream Pocket

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The sun was bright and very warm.  For mid-October in Missouri, that was a real treat.  I took advantage of the day and nestled in a comfy chair on the porch.  As I sat, my mind drifted a bit.  I started thinking of all my future dreams with the spouse I no longer have.  A neat place to check out, a future trip, the first fire of the winter in the fireplace, snuggled on the sofa.  What do I do with them now?  I hardly want to throw dreams away.  To me they are incentive to move forward.

Then it came to me.  I am embarking on a new life – alone, but new.  I have (or will have) new direction, goals, interests, etc.  Why not have a new coat?  Yes, I need that.  A new warm, thick coat to protect me from the chill of hurt, the biting wind of pain and one that will cushion me from the secrets that are now exploding forth from his deceit.  I wrapped myself in it and there I found – a pocket.  It is a very big, deep pocket, lined with the softest fur.  I tucked my dreams in that pocket.  They are safe there and available anytime I need them.  One day, I will begin to take out the old ones and replace them with new dreams.  Dreams filled with hope and promise and happiness.  Yes, this pocket will work just fine!

Well, then it was time to say goodbye to the day and get ready for another.  I felt some comfort in the fact that I still had “dreams” – a step forward.  Good night and “sweet dreams” everyone!



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