Memories and ah-h-h, the music of U2

It’s Friday.  Usually, my Fridays were consumed with cleaning, cooking and generally sprucing up so my husband could enjoy the weekend in a nice, clean, calm home.  The entire day excited me – as I could not wait to spend time with him after a long week at work.  Today, I am alone, no one to clean for, cook for, wait for.  I am watching “Cold Case” (one of our favorite shows) and U2 fills the air waves (one of our favorite bands).    Even though I know the words, they have much greater meaning for me now.  Bitter sweet memories fill me.  What on earth do I do with these memories?  Happy ones now cast a dark shadow over what I do not have.  At the same time, they fill a deep void, making things bearable.  They even provoke a giggle from time to time.  I wonder if the music will always trigger the loss.

Funny where life takes us.  The road I am on was never even on my map!  Am I lost????  Sure hope not.  Is it Divine Intervention?  Is is Fate?  Maybe it is just Life!  On this road, there are no tomorrows, only todays.  The bends are so great, I can not see around them.  There is no looking forward, only back.  Once I have traversed a path, it becomes straight and clear.  I can see where I have been.  I just do not know where I am going.  I have my backpack, good hiking shoes (the trail is a little rough right now) and U2 is playing – loud and clear.   The music is very soothing somehow.   I think I will just sit under this leaf-shedding tree, listen to the music and mentally drift for a while.  I may drift to the past or to the future.  I will put it out to chance – and just let it happen.  I can always hope I have an epiphany – U2?



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